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IDFPR Fingerprint Policies

You may have noticed that the IDFPR Fingerprint Results Screen has changed three times since June 2012. We expect that the current version, one in which only the Illinois State Police fingerprint results are returned, will remain stable for the indefinite future. In short, an agency may employ any person whose fingerprint results indicate “Eligible,” provided the agency sends in a completed PERC application, the PERC fee, the fingerprint receipt and prints a copy of the ISP Eligible screen, all BEFORE the employee is scheduled for a post, assignment or office work.

We offer approximately twice yearly, 2-hour PERC training classes that cover the entire set of PERC regulations that all IDFPR agencies are responsible to follow. We also offer for sale a PERC Nuts and Bolts Manual that is a complete reference handbook of all IDFPR Statute Sections and Rules that Agencies are required to follow. Preview the Table of Contents and selected sample pages

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