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PERC Roster Requests

When we conduct PERC training classes or on-site or remote PERC registration or record keeping audits, one of the most common IDFPR PERC violations that we uncover is the failure to submit a PERC Roster to IDFPR when required. Even those Agencies that have heard of the requirement often misconstrue the rules and regulations governing the submission of PERC Rosters to IDFPR.

The single most misunderstood PERC Roster requirement is which employees belong on the Roster and how long they should remain. Although there are a number of ways to state the answer (which is why it is confusing) the easiest and least complicated is: anyone who has not yet been granted their PERC.

We prefer this answer because it is also the answer to the second most misunderstood requirement: When does an employee come off the PERC Roster Request? The answer is: when they have been granted their PERC.

The timing of the Roster Requests is easy. An Agency may submit their Roster Request to the Department any day of the month they desire. The only requirement is that Roster Request be submitted once every 30 days. As a practical matter, this regulation means that it is perfectly acceptable to send in the Roster Request on the 1st, 15th, or 31st of the month, as long as you send it in consistently on the approximate same day each month.

A sample Roster Request letter template is provided in our PERC Nuts and Bolts Manual and can also be downloaded from our website under the IDFPR Resources / Misc. Letters and Request tab.