Alarm Security System Contractor

Special Record Keeping Tips for Companies That Monitor

You may be aware of some record keeping requirements, including employee records and terminated employee records, but did you know that Private Alarm Contractors have a special requirement under the Rules? Take a look:

Section 1240.535 Record Keeping Requirements
b) Private alarm contractors who provide monitoring services shall maintain a separate roster of the names of all licensed agencies and/or individuals, including license number, from whom they accept monitoring contracts or assignments. The roster shall be made available to the Division upon 24 hours notice. It shall be considered unprofessional conduct, subject to discipline by the Division, for a licensed alarm contractor or agency to accept monitoring contracts or assignments from an unlicensed entity.

Unlike some other Rules, this section is enforced. Be careful to keep this separate roster up to date, and only allow PERC’ed employees to have access to the roster.