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I am so very pleased with the results that I achieved working with Fred and Ed.  I was out of state and needed assistance with the Illinois Medical Board.   My local attorney recommended Fred and Ed because of the positive results they had achieved for clients over the years.  I had an 1 hour phone consultation with Ed and then meet with Fred the morning of our IDFPR meeting.

Fred prepared my very well in about one hour.  He told me what to expect from the individuals on the board and things they would say.  His predictions were uncanny in that he predicted their reactions and prepared me with answers to their questions.  I felt well prepared coming in from out of state.

Fred studies all the parties involved and gets to know them and their mannerisms well.  It was like having top notched intelligence from the field.  We were able to get the result that we wanted.  During the whole process I was treated professionally and Fred’s staff was very responsive to my questions.  I felt that all billings were appropriate and reasonable.  I have worked with multiple attorneys over the years and I would recommend Fred and Ed without hesitation

~Physician, Seattle, WA

September 2019

Fred Nickl is an outstanding attorney!  I had a complaint made against my license and I was devastated.  I was to the point of just giving up and surrendering my license rather than fighting for it.  After consulting with Fred, I felt hopeful and retained him as my attorney.  Fred was extremely encouraging and caring throughout this painful process of dealing with the IDFPR.  His knowledge and experience are in dealing with licensing issues are extraordinary.  He represented me incredibly well and fought relentlessly for the most positive outcome, which he achieved.  I am tremendously grateful for Fred’s efforts on my behalf and highly recommend anyone with licensing issues to utilize the services of Williams & Nickl, LLC.

~K.W., Licensed Professional Counselor

September 2019

The Williams & Nickl law firm is a very good company to hire when needed. Our firm was falsely accused of an infraction that we knew was ridiculous. However, in today’s times you are still forced to defend yourself regardless of how outlandish the accusation may be.  The law firm of Williams & Nickl was stupendous in their handling of our case.

~Alarm Company, Chicago

September 2019

I was already hired as a Registered Nurse in downtown Chicago, and had already begun orientation when I received a “Deficiency Checklist” from IDFPR.  I was devastated.  I contacted Williams & Nickl on March 14th, and they had my license issued by March 28th!!  Fred is extremely knowledgeable and a pleasure working with.  I highly recommend Williams & Nickl to anyone facing licensing issues with the IDFPR.

~MSN, RN, Chicago

September 2019

Ed and Fred are outstanding and I would recommend them without reservation for your representation before the IDFPR. In my particular case they dug me out of a hole that my prior attorney managed to get me in by claiming that he was experienced in such matters when he was not. My previous attorney spent over a year and soaked my medical malpractice for over $30,000  before acknowledging that he was in over his head. Please learn from my mistake and retain Fred initially. It was clear to me that the Prosecutor for the IDFPR had no respect for my previous attorney which is certainly not the case with Fred and Ed. They spent an incredible amount of time initially, at no charge, figuring out fact from fiction. To say that they are aggressive, professional and understanding would be an understatement. Their billing is extremely ethical and almost a pleasure to look at in the sense that you realize in a real way how much they do and how efficient they are. They work extremely well together, bounce ideas off each other and will never double bill you for such. In essence you get two hard-working very thorough attorneys for the price of one. They will prevail. Again I recommend them without reservation.

~Surgeon, Peoria

September 2019

I hired this firm in regards to an IDFPR nursing board license issue. Attorney Fred Nickl was knowledgeable and attentive.  He responds quickly and adequately prepares you for hearings.  The fee is reasonable for the Chicago area and for IDFPR attorneys.  More so, the situation was handled in a timely manner and had a positive outcome. I highly recommend Williams & Nickl, LLC if you find yourself needing an IDFPR attorney.

~Nurse, Bloomington

August 2019

I was recently the subject of an IDFPR investigation that could have led to serious consequences to my career and reputation. I am a Licensed Certified Public Accountant and I was being accused of something that I did not do. The IDFPR initiated an investigation to which I responded without legal counsel as I knew I had done nothing wrong. Bad move. A few months later IDFPR sent me a notice alleging I had violated the Illinois Public Accounting Act. After a few sleepless nights I knew that I needed someone experienced to help me. I met with a few different attorneys but none made me feel that they would fight for me the way Williams and Nickl did. From day one I felt they were on my side and would do everything in their power to get me a good outcome. I was correct as the entire case against me was dismissed. Williams and Nickl are true client advocates and will fight for you. Thank you guys for helping me!!!

~CPA, Chicago

August 2019

My Temporary Medical Permit application was tied up for 4 months due to a DUI that occurred 12 years ago. After calling every day for weeks and being given the run around, I learned the file was sitting waiting to be assigned a prosecutor! With one week until my residency program was going to terminate my contract and at my absolute wits end, I hired Williams and Nickl. My license was issued and in my hands in 24 hours! Worth every penny.. I’m very grateful!

~Resident Physician, Springfield

July 2019

These guys are great! I am a new graduate nurse. I took my boards in January and was able to find a job immediately at a local hospital. On my first day at my new job I received a letter from the IDFPR saying my temporary license was not valid because of deficiencies on my license application. The deficiencies were from charges that occurred when I was kn high school over 16 years ago. I contacted Fred Nickl after I found his website on google. He was able to get my license issued within a week of hiring him. Even my nurse manager was shocked on how quickly the license was issued. I would highly recommend them!

~RN, Chicago

March 2019

I was fortunate to have been referred to Williams & Nickl from another law firm out of state.  I was faced with a notice of intent to deny medical licensure from the IDFPR.  I considered entering the hearing without representation but was encouraged to have a consultation with Williams & Nickl, and I am grateful I did.  It was clear from my first conversation with Fred Nickl that he was experienced and very knowledgeable about the IDFPR.  He presented just the facts, he was never pushy to sell his services, and all correspondence was in a very timely manner.   Because I was traveling from out of state for my hearing, Fred Nickl arranged for a preparatory meeting the same day to reduce my travel time.  I felt very equipped to answer difficult questions that I would not have anticipated, had I not had the preparation with Fred Nickl.   There were no surprises and we obtained a successful outcome.  I would highly recommend Williams and Nickl to anyone facing similar challenges with licensure.

~Surgeon, Wisconsin

December 2018

Fred was instrumental in helping me out on a situation that occurred with the Illinois Board. The board was needlessly going to reprimand me for a minor incident which had nothing to do with obtaining a license. I thought this was inappropriate and therefore sought legal advice from Fred. With one letter Fred was able to resolve the situation and no reprimand was posted. The troubles did not end there, someone from the board decided to contact the Michigan Board of Medicine. And incorrectly reported to them that I had a listing in the database. This was also corrected with one letter from Fred. I would highly recommend his services for any issues dealing with the Board of Medicine of Illinois.

~Physician, Illinois

December 2018

We would highly recommend Fred Nickl and Edward Williams as lawyers when searching for representation to protect a professional license. They helped us throughout the entire process, and were both knowledgeable and professional. Their expertise is exactly what we were looking for in representing us against IDFPR.

In meeting with these lawyers we could immediately tell that they were extremely knowledgeable and had many years of experience to back it up. They knew exactly how to proceed in responding to the State and were straight forward in terms of what to expect from that point on.

Fred and Edward were always professional in addressing any questions that I emailed to them. They always responded in a very timely manner. They kept us informed and updated whenever they corresponded with the State regarding our case.

We are truly grateful for their knowledge and expertise, and for helping to protect our professional license. They definitely know what they are doing and will assist every step of the way!

~Diana Pittro, RMK Management, Chicago

November 2018

I was compelled to write this review since my experiences with Fred and Edward have been nothing but positive. As a veterinarian, they helped me through one of the most difficult challenges in my life.

I chose them due to their decades of experience and knowledge in many fields, including veterinary medicine. It is not an easy task finding experienced attorneys with so much insight regarding not only the IDFPR, but also criminal laws and federal/state policies. Fred always knew exactly where to direct me and even referred me to some wonderful individuals at other legal practices when issues arose outside of his realm.

Both Fred and Edward were always readily available via e-mail or telephone. Fred consistently responded to my questions, concerns, and any other issues regarding my case, typically within minutes. I will be forever grateful for their loyalty, honesty, and dedication, but most of all, for saving my career and allowing me to continue doing what I love every day. There are truly no words to express my gratitude.

~Tiffany Leach, Veterinarian, Chicago

November 2018

I own and operate a Private Alarm Contractor Agency in the Chicago Area and have been dealing with Edward and Fred for nearly a decade. If you own a security company in Illinois they are a must know law firm that is truly second to nobody when dealing with the IDFPR.

~Alarm Contractor, Chicagoland

November 2018

We were falsely accused of operating without PERC cards and chose Williams & Nickl to defend us before IDFPR. We chose Williams & Nickl because we took their course on obtaining a Security Agency license and throughout the course both Edward and Fred were extremely knowledgeable about the Illinois laws and statutes for the security industry. When IDFPR filed charges, Williams & Nickl were our only choice. Fred took our case to the Board and got them to completely drop the complaint—best possible result.

~Security Contractor, Illinois

November 2018

I can’t begin to express my gratitude for Williams & Nickl’s diligence, representation, and advocacy in my case. I appreciate the timely and hard work they did. Within days of their letters and calls to IDFPR, I was issued an active nursing license. I truly believe this would not have been possible without their help. Thank you so much for representing me – I appreciate everything.

~RN Applicant, Chicago

October 2018

I would highly recommend Fred Nickl and Edward Williams as lawyers when searching for representation to protect a professional license. They helped me throughout the entire process, and were both knowledgeable and professional. Their expertise resulted in a positive outcome, and protection for the pharmacist license that I have worked so hard to earn. Here is some background on my situation and why Fred and Edward are superb at their jobs.

I received a letter from the State’s Department of Professional Regulation Division titled “Notice of Preliminary Hearing.” The letter contained details regarding the dispensing of a controlled substance. This definitely took me by surprise as the complaint involved the dispensing of a Norco prescription that happened some 4 years prior.  After searching the internet for information about how to handle the letter and required response to the State, I came across the Williams and Nickl website.

I reached out to their office via email and was grateful to receive a response right away. I was able to schedule an appointment with Fred and Edward within a few days of receiving the letter. I definitely wanted to share my side of the story regarding the incident, and also figure out how to respond to the State’s letter.

In meeting with these lawyers I could immediately tell that they were extremely knowledgeable and had many years of experience to back it up. They knew exactly how to proceed in responding to the State and were straight forward in terms of what to expect from that point on. I left that meeting feeling a lot less anxious about the entire situation.

Fred was really professional in addressing any questions that I emailed to him. He always responded in a very timely manner. He kept me informed and updated whenever he corresponded with the State regarding my case.

When it came time for my Preliminary Hearing, Edward let me know exactly what to expect. I felt well prepared to discuss the situation surrounding the dispensing of the controlled substance and to handle any questions that arose. Edward gave great advice and guidance on how to best present myself during the Hearing.

I am truly grateful for their knowledge and expertise, and for helping me protect my professional license. They definitely know what they are doing, and will assist every step of the way!

~Pharmacist, Chicago

September 2018

My husband and I sought representation when he ran into a licensing issue as an out-of-state tele-radiologist whose company was obtaining contracts in Illinois. Fred and Edward immediately understood the gravity of our situation and the ramifications that a licensing action could have for a physician with dozens of state licenses. As an attorney myself, I can vouch for the fact that some lawyers collect fees for simply acting as facilitators for a system in which they operate, and some are the tireless advocates for their clients that we are all supposed to be. Fred and Edward are truly the definition of tireless advocates, they worked every angle on our case and we got the best result possible in a timely and cost-efficient manner. We could not have asked for more.

~Radiologist, Seattle

August 2018

I needed the assistance of an attorney when appealing a state license matter, and initially worked with another Chicago firm.  Feeling frustrated and unsupported, I was later referred to the Williams & Nickl, LLC firm.  The difference was night and day!  I worked directly with both Ed Williams and Fred Nickl.  They were very professional and responsive to any emails or phone calls.  They researched the matter fully, asked the right questions, and fought for my rights as a physician.  Additionally, they were fair and reasonable with their billing practices.  Overall, they were very supportive and hands–on throughout the entire matter.  Though nobody ever wants to “need” an attorney, after working with this team, I wouldn’t call anybody else.

~Surgeon, Chicago

August 2018

In the beginning of 2018, I was proud to begin my nursing career. I had just graduated from nursing school with honors and was hired at a prestigious hospital. But instead of receiving my license in the mail, IDFPR wanted me to explain my arrest for cannabis and paraphernalia back in 2010, and it was clear the Department was not happy. Not only was I afraid my chances of becoming an RN were in jeopardy, I was certain I would miss my job opportunity. Having worked so hard to become a nurse, I knew I needed professional representation. After looking extensively online and reaching out to attorneys, I chose Edward Williams and Fred Nickl because of Mr. Williams’ history of prosecuting DPR cases, and their extensive experience handling cases like mine. After talking with them, I knew they were the best lawyers for the job and would achieve the best outcome as quickly as possible. I made the right choice. The issue was resolved quickly, and completely in my favor. I was even able to start my new job! I was particularly impressed with the quality of the IDFPR response letter that we drafted together. First, I sent my best attempt at a rough draft to Mr. Nickl. His rewrites that he sent back just blew me away. I could never have presented my case as thoroughly and professionally on my own. I highly recommend representation from Williams & Nickl, LLC.

~Registered Nurse, Chicago

July 2018

I looked for a lawyer because the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation told me to get a lawyer for the “Notice of Intent to deny” medical licensure that DPR sent me. I chose my first attorney, but quickly realized that he wasn’t making any progress with my case and didn’t know how to go about representing me.  Mr. Williams, on the other hand, called me back right away after I reached out to his firm. From that first phone call, I felt that he was straight forward and very experienced. Plus, he had worked for DPR, so I knew that he had in-depth knowledge. This helped me trust his judgement because I knew he was conveying to me what IDFPR was thinking and their next steps.

I felt that I was helped tremendously. With the help of Williams and Nickl, I was able to obtain an Informal Conference with the Department. This was something I was not able to obtain with my previous attorney. Throughout the whole legal process, I was updated periodically and informed. This helped me make decisions faster and with more confidence. Williams and Nickl has a very strong understanding of the rules and regulations of the IDFPR and the National Practitioner Databank (NPDB).  I am very impressed by their knowledge of what can and cannot be reported to the NPDB. This is what separates the firm of Williams and Nickl from the rest!

Get an initial free consultation with this firm because they will tell you your chances in succeeding.  They are very transparent. I feel that the firm of Williams and Nickl has an established a strong reputation and is well-known to the IDFPR. The IDFPR is very aware of Williams and Nickl and knows how difficult it will be to go against these lawyers because of their established track record of success.

~Physician, Illinois

July 2018

33 Years of IDFPR Experience

Since we have been defending or prosecuting licensees as IDFPR lawyers for more than 33 years, our firm is uniquely positioned to lead your defense and guide you through the process. Edward W. Williams and Fred Nickl have a reputation as tough litigators who will not hesitate to take a case to a formal evidentiary hearing if it is warranted.

Before you agree to an interview, produce a document, surrender your license, or meet with a IDFPR employee or investigator, contact us immediately.

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