We Represent Pharmacists and Pharmacy Technicians Before IDFPR

The law firm of Williams & Nickl, LLC represents pharmacists and pharmacy technicians. Our attorneys protect your professional licenses before the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation (IDFPR).

Former IDFPR Chief of Prosecutions

Edward W. Williams is a former
Chief of Prosecutions for IDFPR

Professional Licenses

Presided over the prosecution of over 1,000 professional licenses

Represented 3,000+ Licensed Professionals

Since 1992, the firm has represented over 3,000 licensed professionals at IDFPR

Our firm has successfully defended many different kinds of medical and healthcare-related disciplinary matters at the Illinois Department of Professional and Financial Regulation. Here are a few examples of the IDFPR pharmacist cases we handle:

  • Unethical or Unprofessional Conduct.
  • Distribution and Diversion of Controlled Substances
  • Negligence in Practice
  • Sub-Standard Pharmacy Practices
  • Sister-State Discipline
  • Criminal Convictions and DUI arrests
  • Failure to Stay Current on Financial Obligations
  • Physical and/or Mental Impairment
  • Sexual misconduct
  • Healthcare Fraud
  • Drug Diversion, Substance Abuse/Disorder

IDFPR Attorneys for Pharmacists and Pharmacy Techs

Any licensed professional (or their representative) can petition for hearing or negotiate a Consent Order with an IDFPR staff prosecutor. Unfortunately, the Consent Order often contains harsh consequences and conditions that IDFPR prosecutors will cite as "boilerplate." The unforeseen consequences do not rear their ugly head until it is too late.

Unless one is knowledgeable with the myriad of informal policies and procedures of the IDFPR (which sometimes may vary from prosecutor to prosecutor) it is simply not possible to achieve the best possible outcome, especially one that minimizes to the fullest extent possible any disciplinary sanctions that are attached to your license to practice.

Don’t Respond to IDFPR Without Proper Representation

Pharmacists and Pharmacy Technicians call us every week after they receive either a Notice of Deficiency Checklist or a request from IDFPR licensing for more information about their background. IDFPR typically asks you for more documents and a written explanation of some incident in your background: criminal, DUI, or sister-state discipline.

When this happens, call or email us to set up a free consultation (phone or in-person) to discuss your individual situation. We are very experienced in assessing your immediate legal issues and can help you navigate the best path to getting your license issued quickly. More importantly, we regularly inform potential clients if they can handle the situation themselves without our assistance – it depends on individual circumstances. If our assistance is required, we typically charge only two hours of time to assist with the requested explanation letter and any routine follow up with you and/or IDFPR licensing officials. In our 30 years of experience, we can often dispose of the inquiry and get your license issued right after IDFPR receives the explanation letter.

If you are already licensed and receive a Notice of Preliminary Hearing, Notice of Informal Conference, Notice of Intent To Deny, Notice of Intent to Refuse to Renew, or a formal Complaint, you should contact us right away to discuss your situation. We do not charge for initial consultations (phone or in-person). We will spend an hour with you if necessary (at no charge!) to assess your immediate needs. We will also explain which disciplinary path you are on and the most prudent defense to the allegations against you. Do not think that your license is doomed – we are often successful in presenting mitigating evidence and credible explanations to IDFPR and the Board of Medicine, the result of which is NO public discipline on your pharmacist’s license.

Pharmacists and Pharmacy Technicians are all licensed and regulated pursuant to the Illinois Pharmacy Practice Act (225 ILCS 85, et seq.) and are subject to the provisions of multiple complex statutes and Rules. Additionally, there are many other state and federal public health statutes that govern the practice of these professions. View the laws that govern pharmacists.

Attempting to deal with the IDFPR on any licensing or regulatory enforcement matter can easily overwhelm all but the most experienced of attorneys who interact with IDFPR on a daily basis. We are a niche law firm that is solely dedicated to representing licensees before the IDFPR. Before you consider hiring an attorney who claims to be an experienced IDFPR lawyer, look at their website. If they also mention handling Real Estate, Criminal, Corporate, or Wills and Trusts, then you know the firm does not concentrate all of their experience on IDFPR only, and it is the wrong firm for you. If you are still unsure, call them and ask them how many trials they have done with IDFPR in the last six or twelve months. If their answer is none (or they say they ‘settle’ all their cases!), then you are talking to the wrong firm. Hang up and call us for a real opinion.

Feel free to call or email us if you have any questions. We pride ourselves on being straight with our clients or prospective clients. To read what others think about us, see our testimonials.

33 Years of IDFPR Experience

Since we have been defending or prosecuting licensees as IDFPR lawyers for more than 33 years, our firm is uniquely positioned to lead your defense and guide you through the process. Edward W. Williams and Fred Nickl have a reputation as tough litigators who will not hesitate to take a case to a formal evidentiary hearing if it is warranted.

Before you agree to an interview, produce a document, surrender your license, or meet with a IDFPR employee or investigator, contact us immediately.

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