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Confidentiality Breaches Put Clinical Psychologist Licenses at Risk

shutterstock_1204439623.jpgWhen entering the field of clinical psychology, you work hard to earn the trust of your patients. So any perceived breach of that trust, especially around the disclosure of confidential information, is taken very seriously. Violations can put psychologists at risk of disciplinary action toward their license. If you are facing a case before the Clinical Psychologists Licensing and Disciplinary Board, you need to contact an experienced license defense attorney.

Threats to a Psychologist License in Illinois

Clinical psychologists, like all other licensed professionals in the medical field, are expected to have a high standard of conduct to earn and keep their license. There are a wide variety of potential issues that may jeopardize a psychologist’s license and instigate action by the disciplinary board. These can include:

  • Unprofessional or unethical conduct

  • Negligence in the practice of clinical psychology

  • Any mental or physical impairment that impacts your ability to practice psychology

  • Disciplinary complaints from other states

  • Accusations of sexual misconduct

  • Financial mismanagement or other financial offenses

  • Drug or alcohol abuse or other related disorders

  • Conviction or arrest for certain crimes, including DUI

  • Violating state or federal confidentiality statutes

Violations may involve sharing of confidential information about patients without the patient’s written consent. There are restrictions put into place for these situations, including limited sharing among other therapists and coordinating information across state agencies, all of which must be disclosed to the patient. Disclosures in legal proceedings must be approved by a judge or hearing officer. Restrictions are also in place to protect the records of minors.

If a patient threatens reasonably foreseeable harm, Illinois law requires mental health professionals to break confidentiality and warn the intended victim and law enforcement authorities. This means that specific threats of violence have been made, and the victim was specifically identified. There must also be an existing relationship between the potential victim and the patient. The information will allow authorities to intervene and prevent harm to the victim.

Contact an Illinois Lawyer for Clinical Psychologist Defense

Any breach of confidentiality accusation could risk action from the Clinical Psychologists Licensing and Disciplinary Board. If you are a licensed clinical psychologist who is facing disciplinary action for a confidentiality breach or any other allegations, you need to contact a Chicago professional medical license defense attorney at Williams & Nickl, LLC. We will provide a free initial consultation to review your cases, explain the potential disciplinary action you could be facing, and how we can defend your license. Call us today at 312-335-9470


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