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Could I Be Denied a Dental Hygienist License Due to a Previous Arrest?

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shutterstock_1749895004.jpgFor those who are looking to enter the field of dentistry and become a dental hygienist, you must first go through the required training and meet a variety of other requirements to obtain a dental hygienist license. The understandable fear of any potential licensee is to have their application denied by the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation (IDFPR). If you have a past criminal conviction, you may receive a Deficiency Checklist from IDFPR asking you to provide information on the conviction as part of the application review process. If you have received a Deficiency Checklist, you need to contact the lawyers at Williams & Nickl, LLC.

License Application Obstacles for Dental Hygienists

If you have received a Deficiency Checklist from IDFPR, you may not know how to respond or even whether your conviction is disqualifying. This notice does not mean your application has been denied, but not responding does put your application in jeopardy. Among the reasons that you may receive the notice is that you have been found guilty of a felony, a misdemeanor in which the essential element is dishonesty, or a crime that is directly related to the practice of dental hygiene. Being convicted of any crime on this list will not automatically bar you from obtaining your license, but the conviction should have been disclosed on your initial application. Some of the convictions that IDFPR will not consider when evaluating your license application are convictions related to cannabis possession or sale, traffic offenses except for DUI or reckless homicide, trespassing, or vandalism.

Our firm can help provide you with guidance on the appropriate next steps. If necessary, we can draft a letter of response to IDFPR that answers their questions and makes the case for why your license should be approved. By waiting too long or attempting to respond on your own, you are putting all of your hard work at risk.

Contact an Illinois Dental Hygienist License Application Defense Attorney

At Williams & Nickl, LLC, our attorneys have experience assisting dental hygienist license applicants as well as with any licensing disciplinary action that current dental hygienists may be facing. If you have been contacted by the IDFPR about your license application or currently have a license and are facing disciplinary action, contact our Chicago professional license defense attorneys and schedule your free initial consultation. We can help craft a response that will allow you to continue to pursue your livelihood. Call 312-335-9470 today.


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