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Patients Dictating Healthcare (Drug Type/Brand)

Chicago Defense Attorney for Doctors and NursesPatient-centric care is what our healthcare system has moved towards, but when is that too far? What happens when patients start to tell physicians how they want their treatment plan to look? As patients gain more and more access to information, they will be a more informed "customer"; this can be both good and bad. Patients can have a better understanding of what their issue is, but, as the common saying goes, your Google search does not replace a medical/osteopathic degree.

One way a patient can start to dictate how they are treated is by requesting specific medication. Pharmaceutical manufacturers plaster TV, print and internet sites with drug advertising with the urgent request “Ask your doctor about it!” Drug companies would argue that informative ads empower the consumer patient to obtain the medication they want, but physicians would counter that the consumer is not educated enough to make such a decision. Studies have shown that patients are more likely to get their medication of choice when they request it. This is true not only for the drug brand but also the drug type. Speculation occurs, as it is unclear whether the physician simply wants to pacify the inquisitive patient or if they truly believe the medication is the most appropriate treatment.

While listening to your patients and adhering to their requests can be harmless, patients dictating their medications can cause a lot of issues, including the overprescribing of opioids. This could ultimately cause a problem with the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation, and your license. Many have stated that the best practices are to work with your patient to make the decision together. Let your patient know how you came to your decision and do not be afraid to say NO, especially when it comes to controlled substances. If a problem does arise, Williams & Nickl is here to help you get through that process and back on the right track. Our firm focuses on professional license defense to ensure the Medical Board does not trample your rights, and you have a chance to move on from your past issue.

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