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Veterinarians Facing New and Old Challenges

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shutterstock_1478187425.jpgEven before the global pandemic, the field of veterinary medicine was full of daily pitfalls and long-term challenges. The last two years have brought about a multitude of changes in how veterinarians operate their business and what is demanded of them by their customers. Some challenges are new, and some have merely been accelerated. 

Trials Facing Veterinarians

As they look to establish their practice or stay current and competitive in their field, veterinarians must balance new and existing obstacles. Here are some of the top challenges facing veterinarians and veterinary practices. 

Staff attrition and burnout - It can be difficult to keep a veterinary practice running without highly trained and dedicated staff. Working with animals every day can be a physically demanding and emotionally draining job. Every level of staff deals must provide customer service and care to individuals who often have deep emotional ties to their pets. This can be especially true for pet owners who have developed even closer bonds with their pets coming out of the pandemic. There continues to be a high turnover rate for licensed veterinarians, veterinary technicians, and staff at veterinary practices. 

Finances for Veterinary Practices - Balancing between managing typical small business finances, keeping quality staff with competitive pay, and the ever-increasing prices of operating a business, veterinarians face a tough economic challenge. They are struggling to keep their prices competitive and still make their practices profitable while not passing on all the higher costs to customers. Additionally, many vets and vet techs face the added burden of educational debt. 

Changing standards – As with all healthcare-related occupations, veterinarians and veterinary technicians must stay on top of rapidly changing industry best practices and new research. At the same time, they are dealing with a more demanding customer base who may challenge the medical advice they are given for their pets based on nothing more than internet research. Lawsuits and threats to a license may follow. Customers are also demanding more flexibility around scheduling and telehealth options. 

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