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What Legal Options Do You Have if Your Illinois Professional License Application Was Denied?

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shutterstock_1708574428-min.jpgWhether you are a doctor, nurse, pharmacist, or other professional, your journey of education and training, obtaining your degree, to finally obtaining that professional license that will enable you to work in your chosen profession is a long and hard one. Unfortunately, that application process can put an unexpected roadblock in your journey if the board that issues your license rejects your application. There are a number of issues that can result in a license application denial. Knowing what those issues are prior to applying for your professional license may enable you to be proactive and contact a professional license defense attorney.

Application Errors

The Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation (IDFPR) has stringent rules and regulations in all aspects of professional licenses, including the application process. The majority of applications include a statement made under the penalties of perjury that all of the information contained in the application is correct. Thus, if an applicant makes an unintentional error in their application, that sworn statement tells the board the error was not a mistake. Having a professional license defense attorney assist you with the application will ensure that all of the “t’s” are crossed and all of the “i’s” are dotted.

Failure to Disclose

A common issue in professional license application denials is that the applicant fails to disclose information. Although this can be an unintentional failure to disclose, the board could think that it was intentional on the applicant’s part in order to hide derogatory information. The truth is that failing to disclose the information can often be more of a problem than the issue itself. A professional license defense attorney can help you determine what information you are required to disclose.

Unsatisfied Obligations

Not only must an applicant have the education and training required for their profession, but licensing boards require the applicant also have good moral character. This means that if an applicant has any outstanding judgments, liens, or other unpaid financial obligations, this could be enough to cause the board to reject the application if the board believes this could be a pattern of financial behavior on the applicant’s part.

Criminal Convictions

A criminal conviction, especially a felony conviction, will often result in a denial of a professional license. However, working with a professional license attorney may be able to result in overcoming the board’s objections and finally being approved.

Contact a Chicago Professional License Defense Attorney

If you are applying for a professional license and anticipate issues or your application has been rejected, call Williams & Nickl, LLC at 312-335-9470 to schedule a free consultation with a Cook County professional license defense lawyer and find out what your legal options may be in appealing the board’s decision.



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