Concealed Carry Appeals

Everyone who wants to carry a concealed firearm in Illinois is required to have an Illinois Concealed Carry License (CCL), with very few exceptions.

The procedural steps that an CCL applicant must navigate prior to receiving the CCL are complex and fraught with peril. The Concealed Carry Licensing Review Board (CCLRB) and the Illinois State Police have passed two sets of emergency rules since July 2014 and understanding and following the directions provided can be difficult. Often, the applicant will be asked to respond to a bare-bones law enforcement objection wherein nothing other the date and the name of the charge is provided. We see a trend, since August 2014, that CCL applicants who respond to Law Enforcement Objections on their own are likely to be denied. The same is not true if you have an experienced attorney respond to the Objection.


We Represent Applicants Who Are Denied a Concealed Carry License

If you are denied, you must appeal the denial within 35 days by filing a complaint in the county circuit court of your residence. This process is called Administrative Review, and it is a very technical legal proceeding – most Illinois lawyers have no experience with Administrative Review. The Illinois Attorney General’s Office strongly defends these proceedings on behalf of CCLRB. Typically, if you decide to file and handle your own Administrative Review, you will be unable to prepare an intelligent Memorandum in Support or a Reply to Response in Opposition as required by the court. You will also not fare well in any motion practice instigated by the Attorney General’s Office.

You are at a distinct disadvantage by not knowing your rights and how criminal arrests, convictions and other scenarios factor into the Law Enforcement Objection process. Attempting to successfully prosecute an Administrative Review appeal on your own or with inexperienced counsel may prevent you from obtaining a Concealed Carry License.

We know Concealed Carry law. For over 26 years, we have represented hundreds of applicants seeking to obtain a license from a number of administrative agencies including FOID cards and Firearm Control Cards (issued by the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation). We have also filed over 70 actions in Administrative Review in various Illinois counties. Since March 2014, we have filed appeals in Administrative Review or have assisted with the drafting and filing of Responses to Law Enforcement Objections in numerous cases. We have appeared before a dozen Chancery judges in Cook County on just CCL Administrative Review complaints. In short, we are very well qualified to handle a CCL matter.

Contact us to discuss whether we can assist with responding to an official Objection or an appeal procedure if you have been Denied.

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