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Case Results and Examples

Illinois IDFPR License Defense Attorneys

Defense of Registered Nurses

bulletWilliams & Nickl defended a downstate nurse (a former Marine) who after he had repaired and cleaned a handgun, test fired it into his garden. A neighbor complained and he was convicted of Reckless Discharge of a Firearm. The Department filed a two-count formal complaint against the nurse and he retained Williams & Nickl to defend and represent him at the formal hearing. Over many months, IDFPR refused to negotiate any discipline less than suspension with us. We took IDFPR to trial and convinced the Board of Nursing and the Administrative Law Judge to give the lowest possible discipline: a simple Reprimand.

bulletEvery month, nurse applicants hire Williams & Nickl when they receive Deficiency Checklists from the IDFPR. These Deficiency notices demand any nurse applicant with a DUI, Retail Theft, Possession of Controlled Substances, or other arrest to explain themselves or face denial of licensure. We help nurse applicants obtain the correct documents and then we write detailed Responses defending their right to receive a nurse license. It usually takes us a week or two to convince IDFPR to issue the license, but sometimes we get quicker results. One nurse tried handling it herself and waited three months for IDFPR to act. She then hired us and we got the license issued in three days.

Defense of Veterinarians

bulletA veterinarian was convicted of felony Identity Theft and Forgery for writing fraudulent prescriptions. She hired Williams & Nickl, and we defended her before IDFPR and the DEA. We also referred her to one of the top criminal defense attorneys who was able to get her misdemeanor probation. Once that happened, we pushed hard to obtain a settlement with IDFPR so the veterinarian could continue to practice her chosen profession. Once we obtained probation on her license, we then successfully obtained complete restoration of her DEA Controlled Substance Registration. This case was very complex and involved intersecting state and federal criminal laws and administrative regulations.

bulletIDFPR alleged that a veterinarian violated the veterinary practice act and rules in multiple different ways, including fraud, negligence in practice and other issues. IDFPR demanded a suspension and the DEA wanted an immediate surrender of her Controlled Substance Registration. She hired Williams & Nickl, and we pushed back hard to the Veterinary Board and Department with legal argument. We obtained simple probation of her license, and a new DEA Registration with very limited restrictions, both extremely successful results in a case with difficult facts.

Defense of Surgeons

bulletA surgeon had a criminal conviction and was also accused of improper opioid prescribing and failure to maintain patient records. An attorney – with much less experience defending doctors before IDFPR – made a mess of the case. The surgeon found Williams & Nickl by referral, and hired us to take over the case. We fought the Department hard and obtained a simple probation order on the surgeon’s medical license, and then restored it to fully unencumbered status. During that ordeal, we also successfully appealed negative actions by third party insurers to terminate the doctor’s participation in their programs, plus fought off the doctor’s Specialty Board association’s attempt to suspend his board certification.

bulletAn orthopedic surgeon was accused of prescribing opioids improperly over a long time period. He hired an attorney who mismanaged the case so badly (and billed the surgeon much more than standard) that the doctor sought a referral for an experienced IDFPR defense firm. The surgeon hired Williams & Nickl and we immediately got him a refund from his prior lawyer. We then attacked the IDFPR’s complaint and negotiated a probation order that allowed us to quickly petition to terminate the probation, which we did and the surgeon was restored to an active license. We also represented the surgeon when insurance plans terminated his participation and his Specialty Board moved to suspend his certification.

Defense of Radiologist – Applicant for Licensure

bulletAn out-of-state Radiologist hired one of Williams & Nickl’s few competitors to represent him when IDFPR refused to grant him an Illinois medical license. After realizing that these attorneys were outmatched by IDFPR prosecutors, he turned to us to save the day. We immediately helped him withdraw his license application without any negative report being issued to the National Practitioner Data Bank. Doing that was necessary to the Radiologist because he was licensed in dozens of jurisdictions and discipline in Illinois would have caused problems in every other state he practiced.

Defense of Emergency Medicine Physician – Applicant for Licensure

bulletAn out-of-state Emergency Medicine physician applied for licensure, and when IDFPR offered to issue the license only if he accepted public discipline, he hired a competitor of Williams & Nickl. After that lawyer failed to get a better offer from IDFPR, the doctor hired Williams & Nickl to get him out of the mess. We evaluated the doctor’s chances at trial, based on the many residency programs that were never completed. Based on our advice, the doctor withdrew his application for licensure. When IDFPR illegally reported the application withdrawal to the National Practitioner Data Bank, we fought back and got the report removed immediately. That was a move requiring detailed knowledge of federal law, which the prior attorney did not have. The Emergency Medicine physician was able to move on with his career and not worry about public discipline in Illinois impacting all of his licenses in other states.

Defense of Internal Medicine physician

bulletAn Internal Medicine physician was accused by IDFPR of overprescribing, failing to conduct proper physical exams, and failing to chart. The physician was referred to Williams & Nickl, and we solicited a settlement offer from IDFPR. The medical prosecutor demanded a suspension of our client’s license, but we knew that proving all of the allegations at trial would be difficult for IDFPR. We relentlessly negotiated with the prosecutor and the Medical Disciplinary Board and obtained a short probation agreement with quick restoration to fully unencumbered status.

Defense of Physician – Appeal to Circuit Court

bulletAnother attorney represented a physician at trial with IDFPR and lost. IDFPR revoked the physician’s license, the worst possible outcome. The physician hired Williams & Nickl and we immediately filed a Complaint for Administrative Review in the Circuit Court. We convinced the judge to remand the case back to IDFPR with instructions to lessen the discipline. The Department kept fighting and refusing to lessen the revocation, so we proved to the judge that she had the authority to keep sending it back to IDFPR. After three rounds, the judge agreed with us and literally rewrote the disciplinary order in our client’s favor.

Defense of Pharmacists

bulletA Registered Pharmacist hired Williams & Nickl after being accused of failing to notify IDFPR that her pharmacy was closing – a duty that the Pharmacist-in-Charge must complete within a strict deadline. We investigated the communications between the Pharmacist and IDFPR and convinced the Department that it had received a notice complying with the ‘spirit of the law’, if not the ‘letter of the law.’ IDFPR dismissed the case against our client.

bulletIDFPR accused a Registered Pharmacist of passing a fraudulent prescription to a customer without identifying the person’s identity, who turned out to be a criminal. The Pharmacist hired Williams & Nickl who investigated the facts and determined that the local police department had instructed the pharmacy to dispense the medication so the police could make an arrest. Even though the police failed to arrest the individual, we argued successfully to the Board of Pharmacy that the case should be dismissed.

bulletA Registered Pharmacist was arrested for diversion of controlled substances while at work. He hired Williams & Nickl who successfully defended him, and negotiated a resolution that allowed the pharmacist to continue to work while receiving treatment for addiction.

Defense of Dentists

bulletA licensed Dentist hired Williams & Nickl to defend him against the Board of Dentistry’s claim that his mini-implants were not properly placed and were not an appropriate choice for a patient. Although IDFPR argued that traditional implants were more appropriate, we presented evidence from a leading mini-implant practitioner who corroborated our client’s professional decisions. IDFPR granted our client a non-disciplinary order to close the case.

bulletA Dentist licensed in multiple jurisdictions hired Williams & Nickl to defend him from a former patient that filed complaints in multiple states for what she considered to be substandard care leading to loss of implants. We reviewed a huge amount of dental records and images and successfully pushed for complete closure of every open case against our client.

Defense of Psychologist

bulletA licensed Clinical Psychologist hired Williams & Nickl when she was accused of having an inappropriate relationship with an intern while teaching. She hired Williams & Nickl who developed a defense that caused IDFPR to close their case completely.

Defense of Real Estate Managing Broker

bulletA Real Estate Managing Broker and property manager hired Williams & Nickl when IDFPR filed a multi-count complaint alleging the Broker took payments but did no work for the client. IDFPR insisted on a suspension of the Broker’s license, so we took them to trial. During the first day of testimony, IDFPR presented the complaining witness. We cross-examined the witness and got him to admit that he had violated state and federal banking laws! The Administrative Law Judge immediately viewed the complainant as an untrustworthy witness, so IDFPR dismissed every single count against our client during the middle of the trial – an astonishing success.

Defense of Real Estate Broker

bulletA Real Estate Broker hired Williams & Nickl when he was accused of fraud in the marketing of a large commercial property conversion. IDFPR demanded a suspension and their posture never changed for over a year. Once we prepared for trial and showed IDFPR how badly their witnesses would do under cross-examination, they immediately gave us a non-disciplinary offer that would not be made public. In the end, the case against the Real Estate Broker was dismissed and he did not have to take any kind of public discipline.

Petition to Restore Real Estate Managing Broker license

bulletA Real Estate Managing Broker was convicted in federal court of accepting half a million dollars in kickbacks for referring work to a specific construction company. IDFPR then revoked the Broker’s license. The Broker hired Williams & Nickl to restore his license and we negotiated with IDFPR, but they would not agree. We took them to trial and won – the Administrative Law Judge, the Real Estate Administration and Disciplinary Board, and the Director of the Division of Real Estate all agreed to grant the Broker a new license.

Petition to Restore Real Estate Broker license

bulletAfter being convicted in federal court of Conspiracy to Commit Money Laundering and losing his Broker’s license with IDFPR, a Real Estate Broker hired Williams & Nickl to get that license back. IDFPR refused to negotiate and demanded that we go to trial. We presented many character witnesses at trial, and prepared our client well for cross-exam. All of that convinced the Real Estate Administration and Disciplinary Board to restore the Broker’s license.

Defense of Certified General Real Estate Appraisers

bulletTwo Certified General Real Estate Appraisers hired Williams & Nickl after IDFPR filed a complaint that their appraisal report of a commercial property for ad valorem purposes violated USPAP. IDFPR refused to make any kind of settlement offer and demanded that the case go to trial. After a lengthy period of trial preparation, we showed IDFPR that we would cross-examine their expert witness for hours about his own USPAP violations in his review report. IDFPR dismissed the entire case one week before trial

Defense of Certified Residential Real Estate Appraiser

bulletA Certified Residential Real Estate Appraiser hired Williams & Nickl after being hit with a complaint that alleged nine of his appraisal reports violated USPAP. IDFPR demanded a revocation of his license, so we took them to trial. The Administrative Law Judge, Real Estate Appraisal Administration and Disciplinary Board, and the Director of Division of Real Estate all agreed with our arguments: instead of a revocation that would have hit all of the appraiser’s licenses in other states, they only issued a refuse to renew.

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