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2022 New Training Regulations

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shutterstock_566594038.jpgBig news! IDFPR just changed the law governing basic training requirements for Private Detectives, Private Security Contractors, and Private Alarm Contractors AND their employees. It is effective 01-01-22. We break the law down by profession. Note that Fred and I wrote these new training provisions at the request of several private detectives and guard industry associations.


Private Detectives (PD)

PDs are now required to obtain 8 hours of training every calendar year on a topic of their choosing provided that the subject matter is reasonably related to their PD practice. The law specifically states that “it is the intent of the training requirements… to allow for a broad interpretation of the coursework, seminar subjects, or class topics to be considered reasonably related to the practice of any profession licensed under this Act.” We wrote this provision to give a licensee the widest possible array of opportunities to obtain this training. Any topic within the spectrum of the professions of PD, private security contractor (PSC) or private alarm contractor (PAC) is an acceptable topic and considered valid training under the Act.


PDs are free to take a seminar in basic alarm just out of academic curiosity. Even if a PD only serves process, they are NOT limited to taking process serving classes. The annual training for PDs may be completed utilizing any combination of hours obtained in a classroom or seminar setting or via internet-based online learning programs. That’s right – acceptable training may include any training received via online instruction in any form: YouTube, seminars, and Zoom. 8-hour annual training does NOT have to be in a classroom setting. If you attend a monthly meeting of an industry association with a speaker presentation, that counts as an hour. IDFPR did not yet pass any rules governing what will or will not count as a valid training hour (and may not do so for several years) but attending a speaker presentation at an association meeting will count.


PDs are required to document their training and keep it for at least 5 years (the statute of limitations). There is no guidance yet on whether IDFPR require a specific training form, so keep a specific personal training log “of all training hours earned along with sufficient documentation for the Department to verify the annual training completed for at least 5 years.” Note that a PD only has to take a maximum of 8-hours of annual training no matter how many other licenses they hold under this statute. To read the actual law, click here: Private Detective Training Law


Private Detective Employee (PDE)

The law on basic training for new PERC employees has changed. Previously, it had to be delivered in a classroom setting. With the 01-01-22 change, 20-hour basic training can be taken online. However, you must keep a record of what materials, classes, or other manner was used to furnish the 20 hours. If you cannot prove the subjects and hours, then IDFPR will assume the training was not delivered. Worse, you will have certified on a basic training form that the training was given but you cannot prove it. 


Effective 01-01-22, for the first time ever, PDEs must complete 8-hours of annual training. All the same rules that apply to PD annual training apply to PDEs. However, if you have a PDE working for you, then you must certify that they completed their 8-hour annual training and you must maintain those records for 5 years. Until IDFPR passes new rules, just use the Certification of Completion of Basic Training Form to certify their completion. Cross out “Security Contractor” in the 8-Hour Refresher Training and write in “Detective.”


Private Security Contractor (PSC)

PSCs must also complete annual training except the new law states they only need 4 hours. It was originally written as 8 (same as PD) but IDFPR changed it by mistake. It may change in the future but is 4 hours for now. All other requirements such as topics, manner, and training documentation remain the same as PDs.


Private Security Employees (Guards)

The 20-hour basic training class no longer needs to be via classroom training. The subjects have also been modernized. Use the link below to read it yourself. All other training requirements, including 8-hour Refresher Training requirement remain the same. Security Training Law


Private Alarm Contractors (PAC)

There are no training requirements for PACs. They do not need any kind of training throughout their entire career, unless they want to voluntarily participate in training.


Private Alarm Contractor Employees 

The 20-hour basic training class no longer needs to be via classroom training, the same change that occurred for PDEs and Guards.


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