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Pharmacists Given Tools to Prevent Burnout

shutterstock_1761099737.jpgIn response to growing levels of burnout and psychological distress in the pharmacy industry, the National Association of Board of Pharmacy (NABP) in coordination with the American Pharmacists Association (APhA) has developed an online self-assessment tool. The tool, which is designed to be taken by pharmacists, pharmacy students, and pharmacy technicians, consists of nine questions and can be completed in less than one minute. The respondents retain anonymity but, based on their responses, are given resources that can help improve their well-being. They can also compare their results to peers and national averages. One benefit of the tool could be to reduce errors and behaviors that can put a pharmacist’s license at risk.

Additional Stresses on the Pharmacy Industry

The pharmacy profession already suffered from high rates of burnout before the COVID-19 pandemic hit over two years ago. High workloads, stressful working conditions, and technological challenges all contributed to feelings of distress among pharmacy industry workers, with over 60% showing signs of burnout. The pandemic added additional safety protocols, staffing shortages, drug shortages, and supply chain issues, plus the controversial nature of COVID treatments and the small but vocal public distrust of the healthcare field in general.

The tool, which is known as the Pharmacist Well-Being Index (WBI), was created by the Mayo Clinic. Based on the responses to simple yes/no questions, it measures multiple dimensions of distress and well-being. Instead of having to infer or guess what industry professionals need, the creators and individual state boards of pharmacy hope the results of the survey tool can be used to design and implement effective interventions in the pharmacy industry. Research shows that only 14.5% of pharmacy professionals knew where resources to help burnout could be found. Illinois is among the states that had already begun to look at working conditions in the pharmacy industry and could be helped by this tool.

Contact an Illinois Pharmacist License Defense Attorney

Stress, burnout, and exhaustion can take a toll on workers in any industry, and pharmacists and pharmacy technicians are no exception. This can lead to errors at work or behaviors in your private life that can jeopardize your license. If you are facing disciplinary action to your professional license from the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation, it is essential you work with an experienced Chicago attorney for license discipline cases. Give us a call at 312-335-9470 before you meet with investigators, provide them with any information, or surrender your license. The lawyers of Williams & Nickl, LLC will learn about your case, discuss your options, and work to protect your license. Contact us today to schedule your free one-hour consultation.


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