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Veterinary Clinics in the Age of Covid, Part I

Healthcare License DefenseOver a year into the Covid-19 Pandemic, there are still ongoing questions, concerns, and struggles faced by many industries. Veterinary care is certainly one of those industries affected, especially since Illinois deemed them as an Essential Service while most everything else was closed. We address commonly shared concerns and questions that have persisted throughout the pandemic:

Question: How can my veterinary clinic cope with the various changes caused by the Covid-19 Pandemic?

Things are uncertain, confusing, and wholly different. Established protocols that have been tried and true methods can no longer be followed in the same way; basic day-to-day office interaction is punctuated by strict social distancing and sanitary procedures to keep everyone safe; clients, who were once an office fixture, are commonly disallowed from attending the appointments. It can be difficult to adapt to these changes even after experiencing them for the past year. We recommend embracing the change and facing it head on, rather than comparing operations to the past. Fixating on the way things are different rather than how your clinic can expertly navigate the challenges of the Pandemic is one way to affect the morale of your staff and your clients.

Similarly, hearing concerns of either staff and/or owners regarding their experiences is as equally as important as examining your own concerns. Staff are on the frontline of client interaction and bear the brunt of clinic activity. Owners may also express their dissatisfaction with the change in protocols, or the service they experience. Addressing these concerns, rather than chalking them up to pandemic-induced dissatisfaction or impatience, is vital to maintain a harmonious client-staff-clinic relationship.

Although we are over a year into the Covid-19 Pandemic, maintaining strict and proper protocol as provided by the CDC is integral to maintaining a safe and comfortable environment. Quarantine protocols should still be followed, and employees should be allowed the time and ability to be tested as consistently as is preferred. Loosening restrictions before appropriate will only worsen the difficulties generated by the Covid-19 Pandemic.

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