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Illinois Medical Board License Discipline Attorney

Illinois Medical Disciplinary Board license defense lawyer

Chicago Lawyers Assisting With Cases Before the Illinois Medical Disciplinary Board and Medical Licensing Board

To practice medicine in the state of Illinois, a physician, osteopath, surgeon, or other type of doctor must maintain a valid medical license. If a doctor receives a formal Complaint, he or she may face disciplinary action from the Illinois Medical Boards. In these cases, representation from an experienced medical license defense attorney is crucial.

Williams & Nickl, LLC provides legal help to licensed professionals throughout the state of Illinois, and we have represented more than 3,000 clients in cases involving disciplinary action or denial of licensure. Attorney Edward Williams formerly served as the Chief of Prosecutions for the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation (IDFPR), and he and Attorney Fred Nickl have more than 55 combined years of experience prosecuting and defending professional licenses. With our unique experience and in-depth knowledge of formal and informal IDFPR policies and procedures, we can help you avoid discipline to your medical license.

License Discipline Cases Before the Illinois Medical Boards

The Illinois Medical Licensing Board and Medical Disciplinary Board consider allegations of misconduct against licensed medical professionals, and depending on the circumstances of a case, the Boards may recommend that disciplinary action be taken. Medical license discipline cases may involve the following steps:

  1. Notice - A case will typically begin when a licensee receives a formal Complaint or a Notice of Intent to Deny, Notice of Intent to Refuse to Renew, Notice of Informal Conference, or Notice of Preliminary Hearing. 
  2. Investigation - An IDFPR prosecutor may contact a licensee to request statements, records, or other information. Before agreeing to an interview or producing any documents, we recommend that you speak to our attorneys to determine your best course of action.
  3. Informal Conference - In this type of conference, a licensee is given the opportunity to meet with a prosecutor and one or more members of the applicable Illinois Medical Board to determine whether the case can be resolved without the need for a formal hearing. During an informal conference, representation by an attorney is highly recommended.
  4. Settlement - A licensee may be able to negotiate to have the case dismissed or to accept a Consent Order. A settlement should be reviewed by an attorney to ensure that it does not contain any unreasonable conditions or unforeseen consequences.
  5. Formal Hearing - If a settlement cannot be reached, a hearing may be held before an Administrative Law Judge who will decide what types of discipline, if any, are appropriate. The Illinois Medical Disciplinary Board or Medical Licensing Board will review this decision, and the Board may either affirm or reject the decision.
  6. Appeal - A decision can be appealed to the Illinois Circuit Court for administrative review. If the court finds that the applicable laws, rules, or procedures were not followed correctly during the disciplinary process, the decision may be overturned.
We have successfully represented numerous clients in cases before the Illinois Medical Boards. In one case, a physician had been accused of multiple violations, and the IDFPR prosecutor demanded a suspension of his license. Through negotiations with the prosecutor and the Illinois Medical Disciplinary Board, we were able to reach a settlement that included a short period of probation, after which we were able to restore the physician's license to unencumbered status.

Contact Our Chicago Medical License Defense Attorneys

If you have received notice from the IDFPR that you may be facing disciplinary action to your medical license, you should contact us right away to discuss your case. We can speak to you either over the phone or in person, and we will consult with you for one hour at no charge. During your consultation, we will review the circumstances of your case, explain the types of discipline you may be facing, and help you understand the best course of action that will protect your license and your ability to practice medicine. We will provide you with dedicated legal guidance throughout your case, working to minimize discipline to the fullest possible extent. To set up your free consultation, call us today at 312-335-9470.

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