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Actions to Avoid if Your Professional License Is Under Investigation

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 shutterstock_1936087690-min.jpgThere is always a risk for a professional license holder that someone will make an allegation that could trigger an investigation by the licensing board that issued the license. The investigation results and the decision of the board could mean that the individual will be unable to work at their profession. The steps you take from the moment you are aware of the complaint can determine the eventual outcome. The following are things you should avoid doing. A Chicago professional license defense attorney can provide more details about your particular situation.

Failing to Disclose Potential Issues

If you are applying for a new Illinois professional license or renewing your current one, the law requires full disclosure on the following issues:

  • Unsatisfied debt

  • Civil judgments

  • Pending legal actions

  • Criminal charges and/or convictions

  • Disciplinary actions from a board in another jurisdiction

  • Failure to provide any of this information can result in disciplinary actions by the board

Failure to Notify Insurance Carrier

If you are a medical professional who carries malpractice insurance, you are required to notify them of any potential medical malpractice that may be filed against you. If you fail to make this notification, the company could deny coverage, including the costs of defending against the charges in civil court. These costs could be exhortative.

Allegations of medical malpractice are often reported to the medical board by the patient or their family. The board may also conduct an investigation, depending on the complaint made. You will need to retain the services of a professional license defense attorney to defend you with the board.

The last thing you want to do is deal with defending against a malpractice claim without the benefit of your insurance company while defending your medical license, so make sure to make that notification.

Failure to Stay Away from the Complainant

Many allegations or complaints made by patients are not actually based on wrongdoing by the professional, but instead on some belief that they receive poor treatment or service. The first reaction upon hearing that a patient has filed a complaint against you may be to contact the patient directly and attempt to resolve the issue.

Taking this type of action will actually have the opposite result. Once a patient has filed a complaint with the board, you should never contact them. All communication must be done through the licensing board. Trying to resolve the matter yourself can compound the issue and make it much worse. Instead, contact your professional license defense attorney immediately.

Contact a Cook County Professional License Defense Lawyer

If you have been informed of any allegations made against you or notification of an investigation by the licensing board, do not delay in calling Williams & Nickl, LLC at 312-335-9470 to schedule a free and confidential consultation with a skilled Chicago professional license defense attorney.




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