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Illinois healthcare professional license discipline attorneys

Illinois IDFPR Lawyers Assisting Doctors, Nurses, and Other Medical Professionals With License Discipline

Those who work in the healthcare field can have a significant impact on the health and well-being of the general public, and because of this, healthcare professionals are closely regulated by multiple state licensing and disciplinary boards. When complaints are filed against professionals, or when a person is believed to have violated certain laws or regulations, the applicable boards may take disciplinary action. If you are a licensed healthcare professional who is facing potential discipline, you should work with an experienced attorney to determine your best options for defending your license and your ability to continue practicing.

At the law firm of Williams & Nickl, LLC, we have provided legal representation for more than 3,000 clients, helping them address licensing issues with the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation (IDFPR). Attorney Edward Williams previously served as the IDFPR Chief of Prosecutions, and he and Attorney Fred Nickl have over 55 years of combined experience prosecuting and defending professional licenses.

Edward and Fred understand the laws, statutes, and regulations that apply to different types of healthcare licenses in Illinois, and we can ensure that your rights are protected in cases involving disciplinary action or denial of licensure. We are well-versed in the rules and procedures followed in administrative proceedings, and our knowledge of the formal and informal policies followed by the IDFPR can help you reach an outcome to your case that minimizes the negative impact on your ability to practice in your profession. We can also help you understand how investigations by the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) related to controlled substances may affect your medical license.

IDFPR Healthcare License Defense

We can assist multiple types of healthcare professionals with licensing issues, including:

  • Doctors - Physicians, surgeons, psychiatrists, osteopaths, or others may face disciplinary issues before the Illinois Medical Board. Doctors may need to address multiple types of claims, including negligence in practice, non-therapeutic prescribing, or insurance fraud.
  • Nurses - RNs, LPNs, APNs, or nurse applicants may need to address licensing concerns before the Illinois Board of Nursing.
  • Chiropractors - The Illinois Medical Disciplinary Board may take disciplinary action against chiropractors for a variety of reasons, including unprofessional conduct or sexual misconduct.
  • Dentists - Both dentists and dental hygienists may need to defend against license discipline before the Illinois Board of Dentistry.
  • Pharmacists - The Illinois Board of Pharmacy may take disciplinary action for issues such as diversion of controlled substances or substance abuse. Pharmacists may also need to address Medicare/Medicaid compliance audits.
  • Psychologists - Licensing concerns related to issues such as violation of patient confidentiality may need to be addressed before the Clinical Psychologists Licensing and Disciplinary Board.
  • Social Workers - Licensed Social Workers (LSWs) or Licensed Clinical Social Workers (LCSWs) may face discipline through the Social Work Examining and Disciplinary Board.
  • Physical Therapists - The Illinois Physical Therapy Licensing and Disciplinary Board may take disciplinary action due to concerns about recordkeeping irregularities or financial irresponsibility.
  • Veterinarians - Vets and vet technicians may be disciplined by the Veterinarian Licensing and Disciplinary Board because of issues such as controlled substance diversion or failure to report suspected animal cruelty.

Contact Our Chicago IDFPR Attorneys

If you are facing any issues that may affect your healthcare license, Williams & Nickl, LLC can help you understand the best way to proceed. If you have received notice of potential disciplinary action to your license, we can advise you on how to minimize potential disciplinary sanctions to the fullest extent possible. If you are facing the denial of a license, we can help you draft an explanation letter that addresses any deficiencies in your license application. 

Before responding to a notice from the IDFPR, agreeing to an interview with an IDFPR investigator, or turning over any records or documentation, you should speak to our attorneys to determine the best way to proceed. We can meet with you in person or talk to you over the phone to go over your case, and there is no charge for your initial one-hour consultation. We will help you understand your rights, the potential forms of discipline to your license, and the steps you can take to protect your ability to practice. Contact us at 312-335-9470 to set up your free consultation today.

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