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Artificial Intelligence & Medicine in Illinois

Illinois Artificial Intelligence and Medicine AttorneysOver the past decade, artificial intelligence (“AI”) has entered everyone’s life in one way or another. The healthcare industry is one of the most significant growth areas for this technology. There have been many advancements over the years, and new ways of using it arrive every day. The advancements, in large part, enter the medicine side of a physician’s practice.

One area of advancement with AI in medicine is diagnostics. Computers have been able to use data from around the world to diagnose patients so the treating physician can find the root of the problem as quickly as possible.

Therapy has also made advancements due to AI. Some including patients gaining the ability to use electronic therapy dogs or even software that allows a cost-effective way to speak about their problems.

Radiology, which crosses both medical and surgical specialties, has also progressed with AI. AI has given radiologists the software to go above and beyond just looking at CT and MRI scans. AI helps find minute differences in scans that the human eye may not see, and also helps correct errors which can be caused by human fatigue.

AI has also crossed into the prescription drug world. Drug manufacturers now have the ability to review large amounts of data much quicker, allowing for new drugs to hit the market more quickly and reliably.

While AI will continue to be an exciting field for medical advancement, it can also be a scary thing for doctors. Whether the doctor is afraid to make a mistake when using software or fearful of using it at all, all physicians must adjust to it. Over the next few years, decisions on how and when to use the new advancements may look like the Wild West. Physicians will need to make sure they are not being negligent towards their patient’s health and ultimately causing a problem with the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation, and your license. If a problem does arise, Williams & Nickl is here to help you get through that process and back on the right track. Our firm focuses on professional license defense to ensure the Medical Board does not violate your rights, and you have a chance to move on from your issue.

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