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Attorneys Assisting CPAs Throughout Illinois With IDFPR License Discipline

Accountants often deal with sensitive financial information, and their work can affect individuals, small and large companies, and public institutions. Because of this, certified public accountants (CPAs) and public accounting firms are closely regulated by the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation (IDFPR). If you are an accountant who needs to address disciplinary issues or other licensing concerns, you should speak to an attorney who is experienced in IDFPR cases.

At Williams & Nickl, LLC, our lawyers have over 55 combined years of experience, and we have represented more than 3,000 licensed professionals before the IDFPR. As the former IDFPR Chief of Prosecutions, Attorney Edward W. Williams provides invaluable insight into the policies and procedures followed in license discipline cases. With Edward and Fred's knowledge of the applicable laws and regulations, including the Illinois Public Accounting Act (225 ILCS 450, et. seq.) and the Civil Administrative Code of Illinois (20 ILCS 2105/2105-1, et. seq.), we can help protect your rights and determine the most prudent course of action when defending against disciplinary action.

CPA License Discipline

Accountants and accounting firms may face discipline from the IDFPR's Public Accountant Registration and Licensure Committee for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Unethical or Unprofessional Conduct
  • Discrimination Against Clients Based on Race, Gender, Religion, Age, Sexual Orientation, or Political Affiliation
  • Substandard Accounting Practices
  • Criminal Convictions for Felony Offenses or Misdemeanors That Involve Dishonesty or Are Related to the Practice of Accounting
  • Operating on an Expired CPA License
  • Improper Recordkeeping
  • Mental Impairment or Physical Illness Resulting in an Inability to Practice Accounting
  • Drug or Alcohol Addiction
  • Sister-State Discipline
  • False Advertising

If you receive notice from the IDFPR of a formal Complaint or potential disciplinary action, you should contact us before speaking to an IDFPR investigator or prosecutor, turning over any documents, or surrendering your license. We do not charge for your initial one-hour consultation, and during this meeting, which can take place in person or over the phone, we will review the circumstances of your case, ensuring that you understand the best steps to take to minimize discipline and protect your license.

We have assisted a wide variety of professionals in defending against business license discipline. In one successful case, we represented a person who was facing a complaint of taking payment without providing services. At trial, we cross-examined the complaining witness and got him to admit that he had violated state and federal banking laws. Due to this admission, the complainant was viewed as an untrustworthy witness, and all counts against our client were dismissed.

Accountant License Application Issues

Applicants for CPA licenses may face a variety of obstacles, including receiving a Notice of Deficiency Checklist from the IDFPR or a request for background information. In some cases, these requests may ask an applicant to explain issues that occurred in the past, such as a criminal conviction or discipline in a sister state. Before answering any of these queries or providing any information to the IDFPR, you should contact us to determine the best way to respond. In your free consultation, we will help you understand the best path to take to ensure that your license is issued as quickly as possible. Depending on the circumstances, we may explain how to handle the matter without our assistance, or we may work with you to draft an explanation letter and follow up with IDFPR personnel to dispose of the inquiry. 

Contact Our Chicago CPA License Defense Attorneys

When you need to address licensing issues, our lawyers can provide the legal help you need. We will work with you to minimize any disciplinary sanctions to the fullest extent possible or to have your license issued in a timely fashion. In many cases, we are able to help our clients resolve matters with no public discipline to their professional licenses. To schedule your free consultation, contact us today by calling 312-335-9470.

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