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Illinois Cannabis License Defense Lawyers

Illinois marijuana dispensary license defense lawyer

Chicago Business License Defense Attorneys for Adult Use Cannabis and Medical Cannabis Licenses

Since 2020, marijuana has been legal to use in Illinois for both medical and recreational purposes. After the state passed a law allowing marijuana products to be sold to adult customers, many people have been able to apply for and obtain licenses allowing for the operation of cannabis dispensaries. Because the legal cannabis business is closely scrutinized, there are many situations where owners of dispensaries may run into trouble that could affect their personal and cannabis organization licenses issued by the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation (IDFPR). In these situations, license holders will want to understand how they can defend against disciplinary action and ensure that they will be able to continue operating.

While cannabis organization owners may have met multiple requirements to obtain licenses to operate adult use cannabis businesses or medical cannabis dispensaries, defending these licenses against discipline is likely to be an even more complex process. Fortunately, the attorneys of Williams & Nickl, LLC are here to help. We have a strong understanding of the procedures followed by the IDFPR in disciplinary matters, and we have helped thousands of clients respond to IDFPR investigations and protect against the loss of individual and business licenses.

Medical and Adult Use Cannabis License Discipline

There are multiple potential grounds for discipline against a cannabis organization, and these include:

  • Violations of the Cannabis Regulation and Tax Act, including failing to maintain proper security at a dispensary or other cannabis business or failure to meet cannabis storage requirements.
  • Acceptance of cannabis from someone other than a licensed cultivation center, craft grower, infuser, or organization authorized to transport or dispense cannabis.
  • Failure to provide the required training to all employees involved in handling or selling cannabis or marijuana products.
  • Fraud or misrepresentation when applying for a cannabis business license or providing requested information to the IDFPR.
  • Failure to prevent the loss, theft, or diversion of cannabis.
  • Failure to maintain adequate staffing levels that will allow a dispensary business to operate properly.
  • Allowing a manager or employee to perform licensed activities without a valid agent identification card.
  • Disclosing the names, personal information, or health-related information of customers or allowing this information to be released to the public.
  • Discrepancies discovered when the IDFPR performs an audit of a business's finances or its stock of cannabis.
  • Felony convictions for a principal officer of a cannabis business.
  • Addiction to alcohol or drugs or excessive use of these substances by a license holder.
  • Inability to operate a cannabis business due to physical or mental illnesses.
  • Operating a dispensary without a valid license or prior to receiving a license.
  • Any other actions or patterns of behavior that would have a negative impact on the community where the business is located.

If the IDFPR believes that a license holder or cannabis organization has committed one or more of these grounds, it may reprimand both the license holder and the organization, place them on probation, suspend or revoke their license, or refuse to allow the renewal of their license. A license holder or cannabis organization may also be required to pay a fine.

Contact Our Chicago Cannabis Business License Defense Attorneys

At Williams & Nickl, LLC, we can help licensed individuals, cannabis dispensaries and other businesses involved in the legal marijuana industry take the correct steps to defend against discipline to their licenses. We know the laws, regulations, and policies that affect these cases, and we can provide representation in cases where the IDFPR investigates a license holder or holds a disciplinary hearing. With our help, you can make sure you will be able to continue operating your business successfully. Contact our office and set up a free consultation today by calling 312-335-9470.

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