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Illinois Medical License Defense Lawyer for Drug Diversion

Illinois professional license discipline lawyer for drug abuse

Chicago Attorneys Assisting Doctors With Discipline for Substance Abuse

Controlled substances have a high risk of abuse, and because of this, a great deal of scrutiny is placed on doctors who prescribe these drugs and pharmacies that fill these types of prescriptions. When a physician is under investigation for drug diversion, they may face discipline to their medical license and/or DEA Controlled Substance Registration, as well as potential criminal consequences. If you are a medical provider who is being audited for drug diversion or who has been accused of substance abuse, you should work with an attorney to determine your best options for protecting your medical license.

At Williams & Nickl, LLC, our lawyers have more than 55 combined years of experience addressing licensing issues with the Ilinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation (IDFPR). As the former IDFPR Chief of Prosecutions, Attorney Edward W. Williams provides our clients with a unique understanding of the procedures followed in license discipline cases. Edward and Fred have assisted over 3,000 clients throughout the state of Illinois in defending professional licenses before the IDFPR, and with our reputation as tough litigators, we can help minimize any disciplinary sanctions you may be facing.

Disciplinary Action for Drug Diversion

A medical provider may face accusations of drug diversion if they cause controlled substances to be prescribed or sold for purposes other than legitimate medical treatment, or if they facilitate the illegal sharing or transfer of controlled substances. In some cases, a doctor or pharmacist may be accused of misappropriating drugs for their own use. In others, officials may believe that a provider is operating a "pill mill" in which prescriptions for narcotics or opioids are issued for non-therapeutic purposes in return for monetary compensation.

Even if a provider has not purposely issued inappropriate prescriptions, they may face investigation for drug diversion in a variety of circumstances. For instance, a physician or pharmacist may fall under suspicion because of:

  • Failure to take precautions to prevent "doctor shopping" by patients who sought to receive multiple prescriptions from different providers.
  • Theft of prescription forms or forgery of prescriptions using a doctor's name.
  • Inadequate security that allowed the theft of drugs from a pharmacy, doctor's office, or hospital.
  • Failure to monitor patients to ensure that drugs are being used properly.

A healthcare provider who is accused of drug diversion may face disciplinary action by the Illinois Medical Board, including the suspension or revocation of their medical license. An investigation by the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) may also result in the loss of a provider's Controlled Substance Registration, and a person could face serious criminal charges under federal or state drug laws.

Substance Abuse

When drug diversion is suspected, a doctor or pharmacist may also face license discipline because of an addiction. If the abuse of drugs, alcohol, or other substances affects a provider's judgment or skill or their ability to practice medicine safely, their license may be subject to disciplinary action such as probation, suspension, or revocation.

If you suffer from substance abuse, our attorneys can ensure that you are treated fairly by the IDFPR, and we will work to help you receive treatment and minimize the consequences you may face. We are prepared to advocate on your behalf and demonstrate evidence of rehabilitation that will allow you to restore your license to unencumbered status.

We have achieved successful results for a wide variety of clients, including those facing issues related to drug abuse. In one case, we represented a pharmacist who was arrested for diversion of controlled substances, and we negotiated a settlement that allowed the pharmacist to continue working while receiving treatment for drug addiction.

Contact a Chicago Physician and Pharmacist License Defense Lawyer

Any licensing or criminal issues related to controlled substances should be taken very seriously. If you have been contacted by the IDFPR or the DEA, you should consult with our attorneys before agreeing to an interview or turning over any records or other information. We will go over your case with you in a one-hour consultation at no charge, and we will help you determine your best options for defending your license, your practice, and your career. Contact our office today at  312-335-9470 to schedule your free consultation.

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