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Illinois Registered Nurse License Defense Attorney

Illinois RN license defense lawyer

Chicago Area Lawyers for RN License Discipline Throughout the State

Registered nurses play an essential role in the medical field, and they provide care and services for patients in a wide variety of settings. To ensure that patients are provided with quality care, nurses are required to uphold certain standards and practices. If an RN faces accusations that they have violated these standards, they may face discipline to their nursing license. In these cases, it is essential to work with an experienced attorney to determine the options for defending against disciplinary action.

At the law firm of Williams & Nickl, LLC, our lawyers have over 55 years of combined experience prosecuting and defending professional licenses throughout the state of Illinois. Attorney Edward Williams previously served as Chief of Prosecutions for the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation (IDFPR), and he and Attorney Fred Nickl have provided representation for more than 3,000 licensed professionals before the IDFPR. Edward and Fred are uniquely suited to assist registered nurses, nurse applicants, and other medical professionals in license defense cases.

Disciplinary Issues for RNs

Registered Professional Nurses are licensed and regulated by the Illinois Board of Nursing. An RN may face disciplinary action to their license for a variety of reasons, including: 

  • Unethical or Unprofessional Conduct
  • Sexual Misconduct 
  • Negligence in Nursing Practice
  • Sister-State Discipline to a Nursing License
  • Failure to Remain Current on Child Support or Other Financial Obligations 
  • Violations of Care, Counseling, and Treatment Agreements
  • Physical and/or Mental Impairment 
  • Violations of State and/or Federal Confidentiality Statutes
  • Criminal Convictions and/or DUI Arrests
  • Drug Diversion and/or Substance Abuse

Multiple statutes, rules, and regulations apply to the practice of nursing and the procedures followed when addressing licensing issues. Fred and Edward are well-versed in the Illinois Nurse Practice Act (225 ILCS 65, et. seq.) and the Rules for the Administration of the Nurse Practice Act (68 ILAC 1300, et. seq.). We understand how the Civil Administrative Code of Illinois (20 ILCS 2105/2105-1, et. seq.) and the Illinois Administrative Procedure Act (5 ILCS 100/1-1, et. seq.) address the processes followed in IDFPR investigations and hearings. With our knowledge of the law and our extensive experience representing licensed professionals, we can help you determine how to achieve the best possible outcome in your case.

If a formal Complaint has been filed against you, or if you have received a Notice of Informal Conference, Notice of Preliminary Hearing, or Notice of Intent to Refuse to Renew from the IDFPR, our lawyers will meet with you to review your case, assess your needs, and determine your best options for defense. We will provide you with a one-hour consultation at no charge, and we can speak to you either in-person or over the phone. During this meeting, we will explain the potential forms of discipline you may face and the actions you can take to protect your RN license.

We have successfully represented a wide variety of licensed professionals who were facing discipline to their licenses, including nurses. In one case, we defended a former Marine who faced the suspension of his nursing license after being convicted of Reckless Discharge of a Firearm. After taking the case to trial, we convinced the Illinois Board of Nursing and the Administrative Law Judge to issue a simple Reprimand, the lowest possible level of discipline.

Contact a Chicago Registered Nurse License Discipline Attorney

If you are an RN who is facing disciplinary action, you should contact us to determine your options before meeting with an IDFPR prosecutor, turning over any information, or surrendering your license. No matter how serious the allegations, we will work with you to present mitigating evidence and advocate for you to achieve an outcome that minimizes the negative impact to your career. In many cases, we are able to help our clients avoid any public discipline to their licenses. To schedule your free consultation, call our office at 312-335-9470.

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