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Have You Been Accused of Medical Negligence?

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shutterstock_1720779988-min.jpgThere are many words in the English language that sound similar but have different meanings. In most cases, the confusion may only to the necessity of clarification. However, in some situations, there could be legal implications if the definition of each word is not understood. For example, in medical malpractice, a doctor can be accused of a missed diagnosis or a misdiagnosis. While those two words sound very similar, there is a definite difference in how a doctor would defend their Illinois medical license if they were accused of either one.

How Are Patients Diagnosed?

When a patient goes to a doctor with a health issue, the doctor takes the necessary steps to determine what medical condition or illness the patient has. This is usually done by examining the patient, running any necessary tests, analyzing the results of these tests, and comparing these results to what the doctor knows. Ideally, the doctor comes up with a diagnosis. If it turns out the diagnosis is wrong and the patient undergoes unnecessary medical treatment and/or becomes sicker, the doctor could be accused of misdiagnosis.  

In situations where the patient goes to the doctor, complaining of symptoms, but the doctor fails to diagnose what is wrong with the patient, that is referred to as a missed diagnosis. This can lead to the illness becoming worse because of the delay in treatment.

Defending Against a Medical Decision

When a doctor is accused of a misdiagnosis or a missed diagnosis, the defense for each should take separate paths. If a doctor is accused of misdiagnosis, they need to show evidence as to why their conclusion was a legitimate one.

When a doctor is accused of a missed diagnosis, they need to show evidence that they took all of the reasonable steps based on the information that was shared with them from the patient.

Medical Malpractice Claim

If a doctor is accused of medical malpractice, not only can they face legal action through a lawsuit, but this information will also be given to the Illinois Medical Board. Once a complaint has been received by the board, they will initiate an investigation to determine if the allegations are true. If the board finds the doctor was negligent, they could take action against the doctor’s medical license.

Contact an Illinois Professional License Defense Attorney

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