Commercial & Business Law

Commercial or business litigation can be complicated, expensive, and protracted. Does it have to be? No.

Our experience covers every aspect of commercial litigation, including Temporary Restraining Orders and Injunctions. Prosecuting or defending a claim on behalf of your business may be one of the most important aspects of our relationship with professionals and their corporate entities in Illinois. Whether we choose to litigate in state or federal court, we know that litigation can cause a headache for business owners, and we act appropriately to reduce anxiety, meet expectations, and set reasonable, affordable goals to address your dispute.

The facts may be a complicated puzzle, but we strive to make the process understandable, while also giving as much energy and detail to attention that you demand for yourself.

Chicago Business Litigators

Over the years, members of the firm have prosecuted or defended over 1,000 criminal, civil or administrative trials, including formal evidentiary trials and hearings.

  • We have assisted hundreds of applicants to obtain their professional licenses.
  • We have appealed many Final Administrative Orders to Circuit Courts.
  • We have defended and prosecuted criminal, civil and administrative appeals to the Illinois Appellate Courts.
  • We are licensed to practice in Illinois and the Trial Bar of the U.S. District Court: Northern District of Illinois.

Choice of counsel in professional licensure, commercial disputes, liability defense, or civil rights actions has never been a casual or uncomplicated decision. Personal relationships, expertise, fees, and even reputation are vital components to consider in choosing an attorney to defend your professional license, pursue a breach of contract claim, or defend a tort claim. You can expect and demand a high level of commitment, detail, and energy as a client.

We know commercial and business litigation. Contact us immediately regarding any questions or concerns in pursuing or defending a claim on behalf of yourself or your business.

We're Trusted Legal and Governmental Affairs Consultants to:

Illinois Security Professionals Association

Illinois Security Professionals Association (ISPA)

Associated Detectives and Security Agencies of Illinois (ADSAI)

Associated Detectives and Security Agencies of Illinois (ADSAI)

Cook County Funeral Directors Association CCFDA

Cook County Funeral Directors Association (CCFDA)

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